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Multiplan PPO Plans- What Are They Exactly?

PPO networks are often a hot topic, but what are they exactly? Today we’re going to have a look at Multiplan health insurance and what it actually means. The first thing you need to know is that Multiplan is a PPO that was founded in 1980. This makes it America’s oldest and largest independent PPO network, bringing to the table a plethora of caregivers and facilities. For example, did you know that Multiplan has 4,500 acute care hospitals under its umbrella along with 550,000 healthcare practitioners? That sheer number alone will ensure that you find a physician to work with regardless of your particular medical needs.

Within the Multiplan networks you will find plenty of participants ranging from mid-sized to large insurers. Additionally, you would discover self-funded plans, HMO’s, and even third-party administrators. The possibilities are endless and it’s a network that really serves to benefit the customer in many different ways.

What Solutions Will you Find in the Multiplan PPO Network?

Within the Multiplan network it can all be broken down into two of the most basic services, each one offering coverage to the customer:

Multiplan Network – The namesake of the Multiplan PPO is just what it implies. It is a network that adds coverage to the primary PPO, giving participants the ability and freedom to choose among any range of providers that they want. The best part about this is the price. The customer will be able to obtain services at a far lower price than they would in shopping on the ACA marketplace or by purchasing from the insurance provider directly. In today’s economy, saving money is critical and using the Multiplan network can easily become a part of it.

PHCS Network – With this service, individuals across the United States will be able to access the largest independent primary PPO the country has to offer. This is a service that is available to anyone so long as they need healthcare and are working, which makes it an important asset.

Limited Options Make it Frustrating

We’re seeing fewer and fewer options in the industry right now as the networks narrow and they become more value-based. There are still, however, both customers and regulators that would prefer to find in-network providers, and this is where Multiplan comes in. Multiplan works side by side with well over one million providers, ensuring that everyone is going to get exactly what they need.

What is a PPO?

multipleplan-ppoOne of the major questions that we see when talking about Multiplan pertains to what a PPO is. It’s something that comes up quite a bit and sometimes very few answers are actually offered. We’re going to spend a little bit of time going over it and explaining just how a PPO works.

PPO Fact: A PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization which is precisely what it sounds like. Operating in a similar fashion to an HMO, the PPO is able to furnish the customer with a range of healthcare providers that they can then use for their medical care.

A PPO is able to help cover the costs of care that are provided to plan members, and at first glance here you might think that they are both the exact same thing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the biggest differences between these two is their flexibility. For example, a PPO is much more flexible than an HMO as it allows for a greater selection of care. Basically, you will be able to choose among any of the various care providers you want and have it completely covered.

PPO’s Allow PCP Freedom

In an HMO you are forced to choose a Primary Care Physician. Let’s say for example that you are using CareSource in your HMO. You will notice that upon receiving your medical card there is a doctor’s name already written on it. This is your PCP, and if you choose to visit another doctor, and if the doctor reports to CareSource, then you will receive a new card that has the name of the doctor you saw.

With a PPO you will not have a selected PCP on your card and you will not need to switch just because you saw a doctor out of state or you moved. In addition to that, you will find that with a PPO you do not need to seek a referral from your primary care physician if you wish to see a specialist. For example, if you feel that you need a colonoscopy, or you need to see an endocrinologist, you won’t have to worry about talking to your primary care physician and receiving approval.

A Higher Cost

With the PPO you will certainly pay a much higher cost than you would with an HMO, which is a point of concern for many people. You do have the freedom to choose any doctor you wish without consequences, but you will pay quite a bit more for the privilege. In addition to that, you will need to make sure that you are meeting an annual deductible to ensure your care is being paid for.

Multiplan works constantly to ensure that providers and individuals are treated well and that the cost of services is not out of reach. Check it out today and change the way you see insurance coverage forever.

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