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    In the market for a new health insurance plan? No matter the reason, you cannot go without medical coverage for long. You will need health insurance to protect you in these uncertain times. The good news is that Illinois has plenty of major medical plans to choose from, as well as short term health insurance to help you get coverage to keep you protected even during less than ideal circumstances.

    Ready to start gathering 2021 health insurance quotes? Not so fast! There are a couple of things you need to know before you begin comparing policies and prices.

    Types of Health Plans

    Illinois individual health plans and family plans that are compliant with the ACA will come in both tiers and different types. Aside from levels of coverage—bronze, silver, gold, and so on—there are also network options:

    The most popular kind of insurance plans, an HMO enables you to choose a primary care provider (PCP) that helps coordinate the rest of your care. You will receive referrals from your primary care physician if you need to see a specialist. The downside to HMOs is restriction. You cannot see providers outside of the network, or you will have to pay out of pocket.

    With a PPO plan, you have more freedom than an HMO. You don’t have to select a PCP, and you do not need referrals. Expect copayments and higher deductibles than an HMO.

    You have access to anyone available within the network and are not forced to choose a primary care provider. However, EPOs only allow you to choose doctors, specialists, and hospitals within the network.

    If you are willing to pay a little more for flexibility, you could choose a Point of Service (POS) plan, which is a hybrid of HMOs and PPOs. There are also high deductible health plans (HDHPs) that spread across various types. HDHPs are usually matched with a health savings account (HSA). If you want to save a little money on monthly premiums, you may want to discuss the availability of HDHPs with your insurance provider.

    Why not start your search for a great HMO or PPO today? All you need is a zip code to compare Illinois health plans.

    Why You Should Have Illinois Medical Insurance

    Even if you do not have to pay a tax penalty for being uninsured, you should not skip out on being covered by a comprehensive medical plan. There are dozens of factors to consider, but in most cases, the advantages of health insurance outweigh the negatives.

    The biggest benefit? You don’t have to pay for medical expenses on your own. Sure, you might think antibiotics from the doctor won’t cost that much—until you get the bill. Healthcare is expensive, and thanks to the global pandemic, it will only get more expensive. Although medical costs vary throughout the nation, the average cost of a broken leg is $7,500, three days in the hospital costs $30,000, and cancer treatment is well over $100,000.

    Imagine paying for that out of pocket. You can’t. You would go bankrupt before you even made it halfway. In fact, nearly two-thirds of bankruptcies in America are caused by medical bills. But if you have insurance, your flu shot or pap smear or annual physical is covered.

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has done more than help lower rates. Marketplace medical plans are now required by law to cover “essential health benefits.” These should make up the core of your insurance policy.

    Here are the essential health benefits:

    Some Illinois health insurance policies may also include additional benefits, like breastfeeding and birth control coverage or adult vision and dental care. What will not be covered is anything considered unessential, such as cosmetic surgery or male birth control. Be sure to confirm your benefits with the insurer prior to enrolling.

    Short Term Health Insurance

    Are you in between policies or missed the window for open enrollment through the Marketplace? Don’t worry. You can potentially enroll into short term health insurance in Illinois. Following the federal guidelines, short term policies in Illinois can cover up to 6 months with no renewals for a year (365 days).

    Keep in mind that if you get a short term health insurance policy in Illinois, you may lose eligibility of HIPAA and COBRA plans, in the event you recently lost a group plan. Also, short term policies can still deny your for preexisting conditions.

    What You Need To Know About Illinois Health Insurance

    The official portal for Illinois medical insurance is called Get Covered Illinois. However, you don’t have to use the portal to apply and enroll into a new insurance policy. There are private insurers offering individual health insurance and family health insurance as well.

    Presently, the maximum out of pocket in Illinois is $8,150 for catastrophic, bronze, and expanded bronze plans. Silver is $8,100, and gold is $5,900 out of pocket. Gold has the lowest deductible of $1,250, while bronze is $7,400, and catastrophic is $8,150.

    The average monthly premium for a 21 year old is cheaper than for a 40 or 60 year old. Catastrophic coverage for a 21 year old, for example, is $315 a month, while a 40 year old would pay around $403 a month. Bronze tier is $374 for a 21 year old, $481 for a 40 year old, and $1,004 for a 60 year old. A 21 year old with a silver plan pays around $459 a month; a 40 year old pays $587 a month; and a 60 year old pays $1,248.

    Unlike some states, Illinois has seen some rates drop while others skyrocketed. For instance, the monthly premium for a silver policy is 8 percent cheaper in 2020 than it was in 2018 ($587 now compared to $639 in 2018). On the other hand, bronze policies went up by 6 percent, so the average is now $481.

    Family plans depend on the number of people needing coverage. Two parents and one child pay around $1,500. A family of four has a premium around $1,878, and so on.

    Unemployed, Part-Time, and Self-Employed

    In 2020, more and more people are being forced to seek out health insurance for unemployed months. Not many people have the finances set aside to pay for COBRA policies, making short term insurance or even a catastrophic level plan more preferable. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, start by comparing rates today.

    Similarly, those who are part-time or self employed may aim for the cheapest insurance available. Health insurance for self employed individuals is generally bronze or expanded bronze, especially if you are young and healthy. If you have a medical condition, consider investing a little more in silver level coverage. Since you are your own boss, getting sick and missing work is not an option.

    Differences Between 2020 Open Enrollment and 2021

    In 2020, approximately 294,263 people used the Illinois Marketplace to get a major medical plan during open enrollment. 2021 enrollment will probably be around the same, if not more, due to the global pandemic. 2020 open enrollment is over, but 2021 Illinois open enrollment is going to be upon us soon. On a regular schedule, open enrollment begins on November 1, 2020 and will end December 15, 2020.

    If you get a policy during this period, your coverage will begin on January 1, 2021. However, there are some instances where you may qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP).

    Qualifying life events for SEPs include losing your job-sponsored group insurance, changing your residence, getting citizenship, having a child or adopting, losing coverage through your spouse or parent, and so on. If you are unsure if you are eligible, be sure to get in touch with an insurer. Additionally, you only have 60 days from the event to take advantage of the special enrollment period.


    You do not have to wait until November to start searching for affordable health insurance. You can start requesting quotes today.


    Keep Yourself and Your Family Protected

    Health insurance may seem like an investment, but it is one you won’t regret having when you need it most. Do not go without protection in these days of a global pandemic and other illnesses. Having health insurance is a gigantic step towards commitment to your overall health and well-being.

    Ready to compare Illinois health plans? AffordableHealthPlansUSA.com has the tools you need to get all the information you will need to make the right decision and get reasonably priced coverage. With every search, you can find a selection of health plans for families, individuals, small business owners, and more. Start today!

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